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So i have settings page where user can update info about him. All fields work fine except the password. When user clicks submit it updates the password to nothing in mysql. What i need is that if password fields are empty nothing happens in password column.


    var id=$("#hidid").val();
    var fname=$("#fname").val();
    var flastname=$("#flastname").val();
    var fusername=$("#fusername").val();
    var femail=$("#femail").val();
    var floc=$("#floc").val();
    var fdescr=$("#fdescr").val();
    var fslogan=$("#ffslogan").val();
    var day=$("#day").val();
    var month=$("#month").val();
    var year=$("#year").val();

    var noldpass=$("#noldpass").val();
    var roldpass=$("#roldpass").val();

        data:"id=" + id + "&fname=" + fname + "&flastname=" + flastname + "&fusername=" + fusername + 
        "&femail=" + femail + "&floc=" + floc + "&fdescr=" + fdescr + "&fslogan=" + fslogan + 
        "&day=" + day + "&month=" + month + "&year=" + year + "&noldpass=" + noldpass + "&roldpass=" + roldpass,


include "db.php";


if ($noldpass != $roldpass){
    echo "Passwords dont match!";
}elseif ($noldpass == $roldpass){
    $sqlp=mysql_query("UPDATE users set password='$roldpass' where id='$id'");
    $sql=mysql_query("UPDATE users SET name='$fname',lastname='$flastname',username='$fusername',email='$femail',
    location='$floc',bio='$fdescr',slogan='$fslogan',day='$day',month='$month',year='$year' WHERE id='$id'");

    if (mysql_affected_rows () == 1){
        echo "excellent";
        echo mysql_error();

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Try changing the condition

elseif ($noldpass == $roldpass)


elseif ($noldpass == $roldpass && trim($roldpass) != '')
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