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I am trying to configure Netbeans 7.4 on my mac OSX so that I want to do some unit Testing on my program

I found a resource

but it just says

Macintosh OS X

NetBeans IDE has been tested with the following compilers and tools:

Software or Resource Version          Tested Description 
gcc                   4.2.1           GNU C compiler in Mac OS X 10.6
g++                   4.2.1           GNU C++ compiler in Mac OS X 10.6
gdb                   6.3.5           GNU debugger in Mac OS X 10.6
make                  3.81            GNU make in Mac OS X 10.6

Install the following packages that are provided with your Macintosh OS X:


what I don't understand is the resource telling to use Xcode instead of netbeans? but I need to use netbeans for my unit testing?

and also I tried creating a simple program but it's has a error message

cannot find include file <iostream>

basically not just for


but all my #include libraries.

I right click on my project file in netbeans and went to C++ compliers to take a look and found that the "Include Directories and Headers" is blank.

do I have to install additional stuff to solve the error?

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You need to install the command-line tools, so use xcode-select --install to install it. Note however that the apple tools use a different compilation/debugging backend to gdb (it's called clang/llvm & lldb), so you should probably install gdb using one of the packaging mechanisms (such as macports or brew – Petesh Jan 12 '14 at 9:40

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