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I have a fixed header bar at the top of my page, but the problem is that the bar hides (via the slideUp effect) when the body of the page is clicked (on a page that is scrollable).

I can't find anything that references my header bar and figured there was some sort of JQuery code dictating the bar hide/show on page click.

My only thought for a workaround (if this is caused by JQuery) would be to try to unbind some click event effecting the header bar.

Example: http://jsfiddle.net/WhPG3/1/ (Scroll down a bit, then click somewhere)

This is my header bar configuration:

<div data-theme="b" data-role="header" data-position="fixed">
    <a id="menu" class="menu" data-role="button" data-icon="bars" href="#menu-panel">Menu</a>


    <div class="ui-btn-right">
        <a id="logout"  data-role="button" data-icon="delete" href="#popupLogout" data-rel="popup" data-position-to="window" data-inline="true">Logout</a>      
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add data-tap-toggle="false" to header's div jsfiddle.net/Palestinian/WhPG3/2 –  Omar Jan 12 '14 at 11:59
Thanks, that works! –  duckboy81 Jan 12 '14 at 20:59

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