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I have a question about division by 10 in binary. If I have *1/10 (11/10, 111/10, 1001/10... It is same.) the result is *.1 or *.101?

If I convert this problem to decimal, it is:



But if I calculate this in binary, it is:

1/10=0 (remainder 1)


so 1/10=0.1

I tried to solve this problem using binary calculator. This calculator here http://www.miniwebtool.com/binary-calculator/ said that the result is 0.1. Calculator in my Android phone said 0.101.

So, what is right and why?

(sorry for my english)

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In “1/10=0 (carry 1)”, I think you mean “remainder” instead of “carry”. –  Pascal Cuoq Jan 12 at 12:26
You're getting confused: 10 in decimal is not the same as 10 in binary. –  Keeler Jan 12 at 12:34

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Well... depends on how you look at it.

1/1010 equals 0.110 equals approximately 0.000112.

1/102 equals 0.12 equals 0.510.

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One half is 0.1 in binary. I don't know how you have been using your Android phone calculator, but that is not the right way to use it. (101 in binary is five, but that is not how you convert the digits after the decimal dot).

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