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Im pretty new to xss protection and this got me thinking if its safe.

If I use eg:

$lol = "javascript:alert('asd')";

$config = HTMLPurifier_Config::createDefault();
$purifier = new HTMLPurifier($config);
$config->set('HTML.Allowed', '');
$cleaned = $purifier->purify($lol);

<a href="<?php echo $cleaned; ?>"><?php echo $cleaned; ?></a>

The code above will still output a alert function, eg if I press on the a link a pop-up will show.

Is that safe considering XSS?

Also im using $config->set('HTML.Allowed', ''); since I ONLY want to output text and none HTML whatsoever.

Should I then add a regex to check for ;: eg [^:;] just to be on the safe side.

Worth pointing out is that all data that users submit to my site will only be outputted between <p> tags and <h1> tags.

Thanks in advance,

// XSS newbie.

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Sidenote: The reason HTML Purifier isn't catching that is because it's not HTML - it's data in an HTML attribute. If you were to put <a href="javascript:alert('asd')">javascript:alert('asd')</a> into HTML Purifier, it would do what you want - because at that point, it knows that it has to treat javascript:alert('asd') as a link. But like Pez said, it's probably overkill for what you want to achieve. :) – pinkgothic Jan 13 '14 at 9:45

Don't overcomplicate your sanitization, just do $cleaned = htmlentities($lol); this will convert all possible html tags into their appropriate html entity as a string.

You say my site will only be outputted between <p> tags and <h1> tags so in this case an htmlentities will surfice as the user will not be able to use html, so they could not create a link.

However in this test case, as you are echoing the $cleaned string into an a href even after removing the html tags (e.g. there are NO html tags in $lol) valid javascript is still output.

XSS usually relies on script tags e.g. <script>alert('asd');</script> in this case there are none.

If you would still like to be able to echo into an ahref, may I suggest stripping the word javascript: from the front? Or perhaps converting all non-alpha numeric characters into html entities.

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Thanks, but since im only outputting the data inside hardcoded <p> and <h1> tags, can I just simply use strip_tags when im inserting the data to the database, then use htmlspecialchars($the_data); when im outputting it? I just want to make sure no xss can pass it, - and im using bind_param to protect against sql-inject – user2722667 Jan 12 '14 at 14:27
@user2722667 htmlspecialchars(strip_tags($input)) should do what you want and is safe, yeah. :) (Don't forget the other two parameters of htmlspecialchars(), though; encoding is especially important.) – pinkgothic Jan 13 '14 at 9:40

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