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I discovered that skip() in a query using mongoOperations acts funny.

I have this code:

if (question.getCategory() == "" && question.getDifficulty() == 0 && question.getNumberOfCorrectAnswers() == 0) 
        return mongoOperations.find(new Query(Criteria.where("question").regex(questionPattern, "i"))
        .limit(getLimit()).skip(getSkip()), Question.class);

I use it in my search method. I want to do a pagination. For example limit the results to 10 and skip the first 5.

limit() works just fine, but skip() when it gets the value of 1 displays the 1st document in the collection. limit() is on 0 by default as to not shorten the range.

I checked in mongodb shell and skip(1) is viewing documents starting from the second one.

Anybody got an idea how to fix this?

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Did you try to debug your code? I suspect that you don't even access the if clause. question.getCategory() == "" is false (identity). Should be "".equals(question.getCategory()) –  orid Jan 12 at 15:18
I found the real issue. I use angularJS and by some mysterious way my ng-models collide and from 2 inputs bound by 2 different models the 1st value goes to the second scope, not the first like it should. –  Archer Jan 12 at 15:22
It looks like you are missing a sort in your query? Without using a specific sort order the skip isn't going to return predictable results for your pagination. –  Stennie Jan 12 at 20:56

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Can you try this instead:

Criteria criteria = Criteria.where("question").regex(questionPattern, "i");
Query query = Query.query(criteria);
return mongoOperations.find(query, Question.class);
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It gave the same effect. I have 6 documents in the collection. When I skip 2 it shows the first 2, not from 3 to 6. –  Archer Jan 12 at 15:03

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