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For reasons of learning, I want to implement a tooltip, which follows my cursor within a certain element in my page. For this exercise, I want to use plain Javascript to achieve this task. The canvas should show the current cursor position in a rectangle with a border. Could someone spot the error?

My page looks like this:

In the head I have the CSS declaration

  #tt  {
   border: 10px green;
   position: absolute;
   left: -100px; /* initially invisible */
   top: 0;

In the HTML body, I have defined my tooltip like this:

<canvas id="tt" width="80" height="15"></canvas>
<div id="area">
  <!-- This is the area where I display my tooltip -->

Now to the JavaScript part:

I'm catching the "mousemove" event,


have the following global definitions:


and write the tooltip with this code:

var hx=e.clientX;
var hy=e.clientY;"px";"px";

I can see the tooltip text following my mouse cursor, but I can't see the border of the tooltip, which I have defined in my declaration.

Could it be that the border is implicitly erased, when I call clearRect? But this should only clear the interior part of the canvas, not the border, which is just decoration - I think.

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Try adding a border-style, otherwise you're defining 10px green none

border: 10px solid green;

should do it.

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