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our rails app is deployed on Heroku with MongoHQ as db provider, the driver is mongoid. Now we want to transfer it to Ec2, From the intial search I came across following options:

1) Rubber: --- Not sure if rubber works for mongodb, I found this template in rubber directory https://github.com/rubber/rubber/tree/master/templates/mongodb

So I wanted to know when I run vulcanize command should I use this or not as db will still be provided by MongoHQ only. If no, what would be the right way should I only run unicorn server template as app uses server command.

Suppose if I have to use local db on ec2 then which template should I use will Mongodb template would be sufficient enough for running server also? If yes, why there is separate template for unicorn server? Are running two template are allowed.

Any online source or link which explain this will also be appreciated.

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If your database is currently deployed with MongoHQ and you move the app to EC2 (still using MongoHQ) .. why do you have to change anything related to MongoDB in the deployment? Toward the end of your question you ask about local db; I'm not clear what the actual question is ;-). –  Stennie Jan 22 at 6:45

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