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I have this very simple question, but I am searching for hours now, and cannot find the answer.

With my function wzd_url() I make my urls.

For example wzd_url(2) gives me: http://www.mywebsite.com/douchedeur-glassoort

I use this function in my whole project and works fine. But know I want to use this function as follows:

echo = '<a href="' . wzd_url(2) . '">test</a>';


function output() {
$output = '<a href="' . wzd_url(2) . '">test</a>';
echo $output;   



it outputs: http://www.mywebsite.com/douchedeur-matentest

And I read some other articles about this subject, and they said I need to change echo to return in my wzd_url() function, but if I do that this function doesn't work anymore.

Can someone help me with this?

In this array I store some data for my pages:

$wzd_pages = array(
    0   => array('Intro', 'douchedeur-intro'),
    1   => array('Maten', 'douchedeur-maten'),
    2   => array('Glassoort', 'douchedeur-glassoort'),
    3   => array('Scharnieren', 'douchedeur-scharnieren', 'Scharnieren en draairichting'),
    4   => array('Deuropener', 'douchedeur-deuropener'),
    5   => array('Coating', 'douchedeur-coating'),
    6   => array('Prijs / Bestellen', 'douchedeur-prijs'));

With this function I make my URLs:

// URL  
function wzd_url($page) {
    global $wzd_pages;
    echo bloginfo('wpurl') . '/' . $wzd_pages[$page][1];
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What do u mean by "doesnt work anymore" ? You are getting any error or what happens? –  MarkS Jan 12 at 15:30
No it doesn't show the url anymore. But with the answer of MarkS I know now that I need to echo the function if I use return. –  Robbert Jan 12 at 15:32
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if you change echo to return, your function will "return" that link but it wont show it. Then you need echo in you template for example:

echo <a href="' . wzd_url(2) . '">test</a>

In summary - when you need to move echo from your function to your template

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Okay thanks, but when I do echo '<a href="' . wzd_url(2) . '">test</a>'; now it still gives: mywebsite.nltest –  Robbert Jan 12 at 15:33
Do you get any output when you try echo wzd_url(2); ? –  MarkS Jan 12 at 15:41
Yes that outputs the right url. –  Robbert Jan 12 at 15:56
Hmm so please clarify what is the problem now exactly because I guess I am missing something –  MarkS Jan 12 at 16:07
When I echo out the function with some strings around it I get a wrong result. –  Robbert Jan 12 at 17:45
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I suggest you create 2 function as below :-

function wzd_url($page) {
global $wzd_pages;
    if(is_array($wzd_pages[$page]) && count($wzd_pages[$page])){
        $_return['url'] = bloginfo('wpurl') . '/' . $wzd_pages[$page][1];
        $_return['text'] = $wzd_pages[$page][0];
        return $_return;
        return false;

function anchor($page){

    if($url = wzd_url($page)){
<a href="<?php echo $url['url'];?>"><?php echo $url['text']?></a>

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I needed to modify the wzd_url(); function, because it uses bloginfo();, and this function prints the string. So I need get_bloginfo(); or better: site_url();

// URL  
function wzd_url($page) {
    global $wzd_pages;
    echo siteurl('wpurl' . '/' . $wzd_pages[$page][1] );
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