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I'm trying to store an ArrayList into an object named CompetentieLijst, but I't wont store the ArrayList with Objectify v3.0.


import com.googlecode.objectify.annotation.Entity;
import javax.persistence.Embedded;
import javax.persistence.Id;

public class CompetentieLijst {
    @Id Long id;
    private long leerlingId;
    private String aanmaakDatum;
    private boolean ingevuld;
    @Embedded private ArrayList<Competentie> competenties;

    public CompetentieLijst(Long leerlingId, String aanmaakDatum, boolean ingevuld) {
        this.leerlingId = leerlingId;
        this.aanmaakDatum = aanmaakDatum;
        this.ingevuld = ingevuld;
        competenties = new ArrayList<Competentie>();

    public CompetentieLijst() {
        //Default constructor

    public void voegCompetentieToe(Competentie competentie) {

    //Getters & setters...


import javax.persistence.Id;

public class Competentie {
    @Id Long id;
    private String competentie;

    public Competentie(String competentie) {
        this.competentie = competentie;

    public Competentie() {
        //Default constructor

    //Getters and setters

CreateCompetentieLijstServlet This is the Servlet that creats a CompetentieLijst object and adds the Competentie objects to it's ArrayList. Don't think this is very important but still :)

CompetentieLijst cL = new CompetentieLijst(leerlingId, today, false);

//Competenties toevoegen aan lijst
for(String s : competenties) {
    Competentie c = new Competentie(s);

I tried to make Competentie.java Serializable but that also didn't work. It stored an SHA-1 code, but when I tried to retrieve the ArrayList and print it it was empty.

Please help me out, thanks in advance!

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First of all you should not have @Id annotation in your Embedded class as its just a part of parent class. Also I recommended you to use the Objectify 4 version. –  Ankur Jain Jan 13 at 7:36
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