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I'm trying to get the client area of a tab control using TCM_ADJUSTRECT + TCM_GETITEMRECT, I call TCM_GETITEMRECT giving it the tab index then with that Rec filled in, call TCM_ADJUSTRECT passing either true or false but when ever I move the only tab child window with MoveWindow:


it's either cropped at the top or cropped at the bottom depending on the boolean passed to TCM_ADJUSTRECT, I'm assuming its because the width and height values in MoveWindow are from the tab control itself and I need to work out the client height from the TCM_ADJUSTRECT but I'm not really sure how to get the width and height from the Rec structure:

typedef struct _RECT {
  LONG left;
  LONG top;
  LONG right;
  LONG bottom;
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rect width: right - left, rect height: bottom - top –  user2120666 Jan 12 '14 at 20:14
thanks user2120666, you knw now knowing how to work out the height has helped but the returned REC is still off a bit although its easy to correct by deducting 5 pixels from the right. –  Col_Blimp Jan 15 '14 at 18:42

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