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I want to make an animated gif from this frames .png image:

enter image description here

What I tried to do is resize it to a smaller image, split it into 4 parts, then make it animate. At first, I resize and split it with this command

mogrify -resize 140x140 -crop 2x2@ ps1.png

it seems worked well by returning 4 images, like this:

enter image description here

Now, I make them an animate gif with this:

convert -delay 25x100 -loop 0 ps1-*.png ps1.gif

But it returned this messed up image, instead of a cat crying:

enter image description here

I think there is problem with resize and split step, because when I tried to use a gif maker online, the website give me the same messed up gif, but I can't find out why and how to solve it.

Btw, I want to ask some other questions:

  • When became an animated gif, the image seems more sharpen, is there anyway to prevent it?
  • How do I merge two above commands?
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