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I seem to be getting intermittent results back from our OnDemand Jira instance's REST API.

If I properly set the Authorization header to 'Basic [base64login]' & the Content-Type header to 'application/json', and then issue a GET to http://[installation] I get different results each time.

The first result always seems to be an empty JSON array ([]). Subsequent calls seem to work as expected for the most part, but occasionally I get an empty response. Also, if I enter invalid credentials I get an empty response rather than an error / 401 / etc.

Is there some gotcha to using Basic Auth on OnDemand instances? Does it require the additional use of cookies or something else?

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That's odd that it's inconsistent. I'd try again using jira-python and dump the headers to see what it sends. You would usually authenticate first and then call the resource second – mdoar Jan 14 '14 at 18:55

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