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I have created an Google App Engine cloud endpoints API for my project. It works fine on my local machine, however when I deploy it to my app engine, It doesn't detect any api at


No API is found here. In cloud console, logs show that everything is fine.

     I 16:52:24.133 Endpoints: https://auto-dot-pyrecognizer.appspot.com/_ah/api/attendance_lib@v1 Saved

When I hit https://apis-explorer.appspot.com/apis-explorer/?base=https://auto.pyrecognizer.appspot.com/_ah/api/discovery/v1/apis

ie. _ah/api/discovery/v1/apis for my app, I get Not Found.

For testing, I played with the hello world example for endpoints api given in the docs, which also work fine on my local, but isn't working when I tried deploying. Same logs and same behavior.

Here is the code and the app.yaml.

"""Hello World API implemented using Google Cloud Endpoints.

Defined here are the ProtoRPC messages needed to define Schemas for methods
as well as those methods defined in an API.

import endpoints
from protorpc import messages
from protorpc import message_types
from protorpc import remote

package = 'Hello'

class Greeting(messages.Message):
    """Greeting that stores a message."""
    message = messages.StringField(1)

class GreetingCollection(messages.Message):
    """Collection of Greetings."""
    items = messages.MessageField(Greeting, 1, repeated=True)

STORED_GREETINGS = GreetingCollection(items=[
    Greeting(message='hello world!'),
    Greeting(message='goodbye world!'),

@endpoints.api(name='helloworld', version='v1')
class HelloWorldApi(remote.Service):
    """Helloworld API v1."""

    @endpoints.method(message_types.VoidMessage, GreetingCollection,
                      path='hellogreeting', http_method='GET',
    def greetings_list(self, unused_request):
        return STORED_GREETINGS

    ID_RESOURCE = endpoints.ResourceContainer(
            id=messages.IntegerField(1, variant=messages.Variant.INT32))

    @endpoints.method(ID_RESOURCE, Greeting,
                      path='hellogreeting/{id}', http_method='GET',
    def greeting_get(self, request):
            return STORED_GREETINGS.items[request.id]
        except (IndexError, TypeError):
            raise endpoints.NotFoundException('Greeting %s not found.' %

APPLICATION = endpoints.api_server([HelloWorldApi])


application: sam-test-app    
version: 1     
runtime: python27    
threadsafe: true     
api_version: 1     

# Endpoints handler     
- url: /_ah/spi/.*    
  script: source.helloworld_api.APPLICATION    

- name: pycrypto    
  version: latest    
- name: endpoints    
  version: 1.0

The code structure is in the root die(dir with app.yaml in it) a dir named source contains __init__.py and helloworld_api.

What am I missing here? Is using free service the reason for it not working?

NOTE: I have done this fix for running GAE locally. Is this the reason?

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Your APIs ARE deployed. Go to https://apis-explorer.appspot.com/apis-explorer/?base=https://pyrecognizer.app‌​spot.com/_ah/api#p/ to find attendance_lib API. Note that the link you gave starts with auto-dot. –  Floris Jan 18 at 14:34
This is mysterious and I might sound dumb but the apis were visible after some updates, notably none of the updates were seemingly fixing anything that would cause this behavior. I just went on with the development, testing on my local instance. Thanks anyways. –  0xc0de Jan 18 at 15:06

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