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I'm developing a web application using Yesod 1.2 where I'm using websockets. The requests made to a websocket need to query my database, and to make this queries I know they have to be within a PersistStore instance. As far as I know I can't use runDB because the websockets request handlers aren't within the Handler monad. Instead, for this I could use something similar to the code in the answer to this question.

Which is the cleanest way to get within a PersistStore monad in a scaffolded site? I know I could easily shoot runSqlite with a hard-coded connection string and be done with it, but I think this is ugly. If by any reason I want to change the database engine I don't want to modify every piece of code where I make a connection to the database.

I'm looking for a way of using what the scaffolded site already does for me when it connects to the database so as not to repeat code.

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Probably the best way to run this is the same way that the scaffolded site runs the migration code:

-- Perform database migration using our application's logging settings.
    (Database.Persist.runPool dbconf (runMigration migrateAll) p)
    (messageLoggerSource foundation logger)
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Thanks Michael, this was what I was looking for. –  rul Jan 13 '14 at 17:04

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