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I have a textarea:

<textarea type="text" name="note" placeholder = "note" value="{{note}}"cols="50" rows="10"></textarea>

This line gets the value of the textarea input:

note = self.request.get('note')

I first tried committing just this to the database, but the rendered note doesn't have the original line breaks. I then tried inserting these lines after the above code

note = note.replace('\n', '<br>')


note = note.replace('\n', '&#13;&#10;')


note = note.replace('\n', '\r\n')

But none of them worked. How can I preserve the original new lines in the rendered input?

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What original line breaks? Are you referring to line breaks that are caused by a user by pressing Enter, or line breaks added by a browser in display to make the text lines fit into a specific number of columns (i.e., automatic wrapping, which by defaut is not included in the element content)? –  Jukka K. Korpela Jan 13 at 0:01

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Figured it out.

The bug was in the html that rendered the text. I had


in a for loop, which I changed to

{{item.note | safe}}

I'm also using

note = note.replace('\n', '<br>')

for the python.

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