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I recently have been struggling with the codeing of my new tabs bar which has all my links organized. I thought I had finally got it, except I can not click them consecutively. My blog is: http://icantaffordmylifestyle.blogspot.com/ . If I click the about or the contact one after another it will not work, unless I go "home" in between navigating to different pages, yet the other links that are linked through labels on blogger are fine going through the pages, unless you click one of the "/p/" page links in between. It just keeps stacking the links. What can I do them make them all function properly?

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Because you're using p/, every time p/ gets added to the URL, because you're implying the page is in a subdirectory of the current directory. When you use /p/ however, it will be added to the top level of your URL, resulting in your wanted behavior.

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