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I am trying to use the Query collection_set from the Referenced Entity to filter and fetch as follows :

class Author (db.Model)
   name = db.StringProperty()

class Book (db.Model)
   author = db.ReferenceProperty (collection_name="books", indexed=True)
   name = db.StringProperty()

author = Author.get (author_key)
q = author.books
q.filter ("name =", "BOOK_NAME")
books = q.fetch(5)

I am not getting this to return the book. And the following works :

author = Author.get (author_key)
q = Book.all()
q.filter ("author =", author.key())
q.filter ("name =", "BOOK_NAME")
books = q.fetch(5)

So is the former supposed to work ?

Also, what is the recommend best practice - use authors collection_set or use a filter with author.key() ?


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I think you want objects.filter(field="value") not objects.filter("field=",some_value) – Joran Beasley Jan 13 '14 at 1:05
Is 'objects' in this case not a db.Query class instance ? In other cases this 'q.filter ("field =", value)' works :… (Thanks) – user1055761 Jan 13 '14 at 1:38

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