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I am developing my first windows phone app with Azure Mobile Services, I am using below code to insert the records into azure

await App.MobileService.GetTable<TodoItem>().InsertAsync(todo);

What is the best way to check if this is todo item is already exists, insert the data else updating the existing record on server side?

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You can use a server side table script to check if a record exists before completing the insert. Here is a example script that checks if any item in the table has a matching 'text' value and if so doesn't do the insert.

function insert(item, user, request) {
    var table = tables.getTable('todoItem');
       text: item.text
       success: upsertItem

    function upsertItem(existingItems) {
        if (existingItems.length === 0) {
        } else {
        item.id = existingItems[0].id;
          table.update(item, {
            success: function(updatedItem) {
                request.respond(200, updatedItem)
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Thanks @phillipv for the reply, but with above script - i still need to make another call to make Update if it is duplicate. is it possible to include that call in insertIfDoesntExist() method? –  Mahender Jan 13 at 16:42
I updated the code to just return a 200 along with the found item. Are you looking to save any changes as well? –  phillipv Jan 13 at 17:35
UPdated again to do an upsert, as I think thats what you really wanted. –  phillipv Jan 13 at 17:41

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