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I've built an HTML5 based solution that let's me drag and drop items around to change their order in a list, and it works great in Chrome, IE, and mostly in Firefox. There's just one scenario I've identified where it falls down:

In Firefox, when an item is dragged at high speed across one drop target into another, dragleave doesn't always fire. dragenter and dragover events are fired as expected for the item that's passed over, but (sometimes, when you do it just so) dragleave is not.

I've got no simple example of this one at this point, given how entangled it is with what I'm working on, but you should be able to reproduce it on the fully complicated version. The events log to console, for your ease of reference, and the relevant code starts around line 700 of the js file. Visually, you'll see the insertion indicators stick around when they shouldn't because the function that removes them never got called.

At this point I've more or less convinced myself that I'm not doing anything wrong, and that this is an issue with Firefox, but I figured I'd ask some experts. Anyone else run into this? Is there an existing bug for it I just couldn't find? Thoughts, suggestions, ideas, or what have you?

Edit: Added a simple fiddle to demonstrate this.

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