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We're running a Neo4j embedded instance (1.9.5) through TinkerPop Blueprints (2.5.0-SNAPSHOT). Is it possible to make the embedded instance the master in a HA cluster involving Neo4j servers and/or other embedded instances?

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Any Neo4j instance in a cluster can be master unless it is configured with ha.slave_only=true. Embedded and server mode share exactly the same capabilities with respect to clustering.

In case of embedded HA, you need to instantiate your GraphDatabaseService instance using http://components.neo4j.org/neo4j-ha/stable/apidocs/org/neo4j/graphdb/factory/HighlyAvailableGraphDatabaseFactory.html and pass in the config options.

It's even possible to mix embedded and server instances in a cluster.

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Maybe this example may help others that find this question:


The example project shows how to setup neo4j embedded in HA mode.

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