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So, I recently switched from Eclipse to IntelliJ Idea, but for some reason when I run my java code, it can't find the directory where I store a file that I read in my program. I know that it works in Eclipse and when I export it as a jar file, so why doesn't it work in IntelliJ Idea? The specific error message is java.io.FileNotFoundException: /Users/Tyler/Google Drive/Java/Mac Workspace/maps/default.txt (No such file or directory)

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Hate to ask the obvious, but have you verified this file does exist? /Users/Tyler/Google Drive/Java/Mac Workspace/maps/default.txt –  lreeder Jan 13 at 4:51
Yes, and even if it didn't exist, the program makes a new default.txt file. –  Tyler Jan 13 at 4:54
Share your source code where you lookup this file –  Leos Literak Jan 13 at 5:02

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Okay, I figured out the problem. For some reason, IntelliJ set the working directory to the folder that contains the working directory. Instead of going to /Users/Tyler/Google Drive/Java/Mac Workspace/Game/maps/default.txt like it was supposed to, it was skipping the game folder and going to /Users/Tyler/Google Drive/Java/Mac Workspace/maps/default.txt. To fix this, go to "Run" > "Edit Configurations...", and add on to the field titled "Working Directory."

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That's most likely happened because of some logic in the code. IntelliJ or Java don't just skip folders if not told so. –  kukido Jan 13 at 7:34
Actually, it was how I set up the project folder, since it's different from eclipse, but I didn't know that. The coding is fine. –  Tyler Jan 13 at 7:40

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