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  • Can we implement default pagination like asp:gridview for a datagridview in a c# windows application?
  • Any samples to get started?
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Sure, this is a very often asked question. Just look at this and this.

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  1. Create Button as Last , First, Prev , Next

  2. Implement the page function

Next( less than total increase current page position , And reload data source )

Prev ( more than 1 decrease current page position and reload data source ) .. and so on

  1. Write two SQLs for the following :
    1. get row counts of your search query
    2. get query result with no. of rows skipped and limit (no. of records per page)

Remarks: try to find any functions for SQL such as limit , offset to skip the rows

Most of the tutorials use SQL : select top N ..where not in ( select top b*N ) ... where N is the no. of records per page , b is the offset parameters ( current page - 1 ) to skip result rows.

Beware the performance issues occured when querying the large result.

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