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I'm using administrator account in windows7.

Recently I got some error in using this OS because of the virus (may be) which stops all "service".

I could not find the virus which antivirus, but I solved the problem by changing the settings of service in "msconfig".

After some day, I tried to install mysql server in my computer for some reasons.

But I got some error like below

mysql-server-5.6-winx64:56 - Attempting to update security settings.
mysql-server-5.6-winx64:100 - Unable to update security settings. Unable to connect to any of the specified MySQL hosts.

I seems to be the aftereffect of virus or my misunderstanding in install steps. Would you guess some idea?

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Looks like installing MySQL installation is not related with the changes of your "msconfig". Updating security settings is second step. First of all check whether MySQL service has been started or not! Let me know your result –  ursitesion Jan 13 at 6:27
When i start MySQL servcie in "NET START MYSQL56" or in "service", it stops after about 3 seconds... does it answer? @ursitesion –  jinjin299 Jan 13 at 6:39
Is MySQL listed in your service list? –  ursitesion Jan 13 at 6:46
Yeah. I also inserted currrent user(administrator) in the list of "Log on as ervcie" option! –  jinjin299 Jan 13 at 6:53
Before security settings, create another user and GRANT all permissions to that. –  ursitesion Jan 13 at 6:55

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