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How do I copy my Layouts-o-Rama configuration to VS2013 now that I have upgraded?

Layouts-o-Rama is a brilliant Visual Studio extension when you find yourself using VS in different locations with different monitor setups. Just save a layout for each location/personality and create hot keys to toggle them.

It is good at what it does, but I just installed VS 2013 and I find that Layouts-o-Rama doesn't have the presets from VS2012.

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It is possible. But it involves a few manual steps:

  1. Install the plugin from the gallery in VS 2013

  2. Copy over your settings:

    c:\Users{username}\Documents\Visual Studio 2012\SettingsORama\


    c:\Users{username}\Documents\Visual Studio 2013\SettingsORama\

  3. Edit all of your settings files (for eg. "C:\Users\{username}\Documents\Visual Studio 2013\SettingsORama\2 monitors.vssettings") and change the ApplicationIdentity to 12.0 for VS 2013

        <ApplicationIdentity version="12.0" />
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