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I am trying to post back on a button click.But unable to get __EVENTTARGET and __EVENTARGUMENT. It is currently always null. Is there any other entries I have to do?


<asp:Button ID="btn" runat="server" OnClientClick="GetDet();" Text="Click"/>       

<script type="text/jscript">
    function GetDet() {
      var obj = $('.output');
      var sign = $('.name'); //hidden field                         
      __doPostBack('btn', sign.val());                         


string tar = Convert.ToString(Request.Params.Get("__EVENTTARGET"));
string val = Convert.ToString(Request.Params.Get("__EVENTARGUMENT"));
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what is the value of sign.val() ? –  Sachin Jan 13 '14 at 8:34
string from hidden field(eg:sam) –  JIKKU Jan 13 '14 at 8:35
Can also maybe explain what you are trying to do... and why you want the __EVENTTARGET and __EVENTARGUMENT? –  robnick Jan 13 '14 at 8:36
See i need only event arg.I want to pass a value from hidden type input to server side –  JIKKU Jan 13 '14 at 8:37
that's a hack. Why are trying to hack ASP.NET intrinsics when there's better ways to achieve that? –  Leo Jan 13 '14 at 8:37

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Instead of doing such a hack. I'd actually recommend you to do things the proper way so you can guarantee scalability because you never know what's gonna happen on the next release of ASP.NET and the ASP.NET Team certainly does not endorse these types of hacks, in other words, your hacks might break with a future releases of ASP.NET...always strive to avoid them. So, if you want to do a full postback you definitely don't need javascript for this....

<asp:Button ID="btn" runat="server" Text="Click"/>  

Then, if you want to post the value of the hidden field simply add the hidden field to the form...

<asp:HiddenField  ID="hdfName" runat="server" Value="whatever" />

if you want to read the value of the hidden field during the postback...

public override void OnLoad(EventArgs args)
     var name = hdfName.Value;

That's how you are supposed to work with ASP.NET the proper way rather than trying to hack its intrinsics

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Yes i know this method.But i want to what is wrong in my dopostback –  JIKKU Jan 13 '14 at 9:16

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