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I have two problems, one about theory and one about implementation:

Theory First I have not fully understood how to work a Bayesian network with continuous values. I have learned that I can approximate P(A) (the probability of node A) with a Gaussian Distribution. But I have a dataset, mean and variance of the Gaussian Distribution is the mean and the variance of the dataset ?

And if I have P(A|B,C), with A and B with continuous values, how I can represent this with a Gaussian Distribution?

The practical problem is that I need to learn a Bayesian Structure from a continuous valued dataset and I use this toolbox for Matlab: http://code.google.com/p/bnt/ (Bayes Net Toolbox for Matlab by Kevin Murphy)

Now how I can use to learn a Bayesian Structure from a dataset (of continuous values) with this tool?

If I use the learn_struct_K2 function I need the order of nodes but where can I get this order? Are there other useful functions in this toolbox that you know of that can aid me with this problem?

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