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from the man page of fork i read fork create duplicate of parent process. But not able to understand why below program printf execute 8 times. I read Working of fork() in linux link also.

#include <stdio.h>
int main()
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Because 2*2*2 == 8. –  devnull Jan 13 at 9:40
I think you're forgetting that (some of) the children themselves are going to fork(). –  Bandrami Jan 13 at 9:43

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In general for n forks in this manner will execute the next statements (in this case printf) 2^n times. Here is how:

|                                         |
+-fork()-------------+                    +-fork()-------------+
|                    |                    |                    |
+-fork()---+         +-fork()---+         +-fork()---+         +-fork()---+
|          |         |          |         |          |         |          |
print()    print()   print()    print()   print()    print()   print()    print()
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Fork works like a binary tree. So its always 2^x number of processes on every x number of fork calls.

Lets understand with your example.

First fork() call:

When the first fork() is called. The parent process creates a new process. So we have 2 threads.

Second fork() call:

At this point we have two processes(main process and a new created process).These two threads will call second fork individually and create 2 new processes each. so we have 4 threads.

You might have got the idea by now. Every time a fork() is encountered all the processes create their respective child processes(double themselves).

enter image description here

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-1. Lifted from this answer without attribution. –  devnull Jan 13 at 9:45
Sir, I haven't. I know it works like binary tree and I was providing a distinct explanation according to OP's question. And the image is the first result in google image search for fork binary tree FYI. Kindly do not down vote in such abrupt manner. –  Deepak Mishra Jan 13 at 9:50
Fair enough; downvote reversed. –  devnull Jan 13 at 9:51

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