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i have a tab bar application i am using storyboards and also navigation bar in my app

in my app

FirstViewController (in tab bar) with a button go to the SingleViewController (xib file and not on tab bar)

in SingleViewController there is a button too. and i want to go to one of the controllers which is on tab bar

in singleviewController's button method i have this code:

AylikGirisViewController *controller = [[AylikGirisViewController alloc] init];
[self.navigationController pushViewController:controller animated:YES];

it goes to the controller but i see a black screen and empty screen also moving to the AylikGirisViewController gets hard (i mean very slowly)

so i think my way is wrong

any ideas for the right way?

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if you are using storyboard, you can simply drag another view controller onto the storyboard and give name as SingleViewController, you can easily push the SingleViewController onto the FirstViewController if you embed the FirstViewController in UINavigationController. Use storyboard segue to push the controller. Then you can call UITabBarController Delegate method to show the different viewController.

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