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I want to write into a word document using DocX library for c# ms word document creating. How can I convert paragraphs to office word document paragraph?

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You have to grab each nodes of the FlowDocument, and then you'll end up with converting its content to the corresponding paragraph like InsertAfter method of the DocX library.

I tried using DocX but it wasn't easy to convert it from WPF to Word. We ended up using RTF to Word so that it layouts properly without having to deal with the layout of what it actually looks like in WPF and in Word


Table currentTable = CreateDocXTable(table.Columns.Count, table.RowGroups[0].Rows.Count);
if(block is Section)
 var editableSection = block as Section;
 var content = new TextRange(editableSection.ContentStart, editableSection.ContentEnd);
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