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If I have a div which listens for a touchend event, how do I stop the touchend event firing if the user touches on the div but then scrolls or touchmoves?

At the moment im doing:

$('body').on('touchmove', function(){dragging = true}).on('touchend', function(){dragging = false})

and then each touchend event I have uses:

if(dragging == false){ //do stuff}

but I don't want to have to add this if statement to every touchend event I have (there are a lot of them).

I've also tried:

$('body').on('touchmove', function(event){
    return false;

but this didn't stop any touchend events firing after a scroll or touchmove.

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I don't think anything you do in touchmove can make you prevent touchend form firing. A flag based solution is the only possible solution imho. –  techfoobar Jan 13 at 10:13

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One approach would be to simply de-register any touchend handlers in the touchmove handler:

$('body').on('touchmove', function(event) {

although you may wish to allow for a small amount of movement - it's unlikely that the touch input will remain exactly still.

You would of course also have to re-register your touchend event handlers each time you get a touchstart event, although in any event (no pun intended) it's kind of good practise to defer registering your touchmove and touchend handlers until you've received a touchstart event so that your UI code doesn't process unwanted events, in the same way that you would typically defer registering a mousemove handler until receiving a mousedown event.

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