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I searched a lot in the net, without an answer.

I want to select a TD elemet with no children AND text="abc". I can do one of them at once but not both.

I've tried something like that:


Thanks in advance!

EDIT: the selection is in an IFrame - maybe this is the problem?

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.find('td:not(:has(*)):contains("abc")') ??? –  A. Wolff Jan 13 at 10:18
@A.Wolff - it's not working... return length : 0 –  zvi Jan 13 at 10:48
It works here jsfiddle.net/ac5Ns So provide relevant HTML. –  A. Wolff Jan 13 at 10:51
The only reason would be rendred HTML to be different in IE10 but seems quite strange... If you don't want to provide relevant HTML, that's ok with me, not my issue ;) –  A. Wolff Jan 13 at 11:15
@A.Wolff here is an example: jsfiddle.net/ac5Ns/3 both in chrome and ie not work. when i added .contents() (jsfiddle.net/ac5Ns/4) - works only in chrome –  zvi Jan 13 at 11:23

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Try this:

$("td(:has(*))").filter(function() {
return $(this).text().indexOf('abc') === 0;
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$('#MSOPageViewerWebPart_WebPartWPQ1 td').filter(function(){
    return $(this).children().length === 0 && $(this).text() === 'abc';
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You might want to trim the text before checking. There could be leading/trailing whitespace. –  Salman A Jan 13 at 10:18
thanks for the edit, was about to put a ! –  Spokey Jan 13 at 10:18

Try this:

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Try with

$('#MSOPageViewerWebPart_WebPartWPQ1 td:not(:has(*)), #MSOPageViewerWebPart_WebPartWPQ1 td:contains("abc")')
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a custom selector might also work

    $.expr[':'].mySelector = function(elem, index, data){

        var c = elem.childNodes,len=c.length;

        //1- checks that childnodes are NOT element nodes you could opt for (2)

            if(c[len].nodeType==1)return false;


        /*2- checks that childnodes are ONLY text nodes you could opt for (1)

            if(c[len].nodeType!=3)return false;


        return (elem.innerText || elem.textContent).replace(/^\s+|\s+$/,'') == data[3];




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