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Is there a nice way to receive all messages available messages on a zmq socket? Particularly when using a Poller.

Or is the only solution to keep calling a non blocking recv() and until theres nothing left?

Edit :

I think I might have answered my own questions. Using socket.poll() is the cleanest I can see.

import zmq

ctx = zmq.Context.instance()
socket = ctx.socket(zmq.SUB)
socket.subscribe = ''

messages = []
while socket.poll(100) == zmq.POLLIN:

print messages
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What's wrong with calling recv() repeatedly? –  goncalopp Jan 13 at 10:51
I need non blocking. –  jossgray Jan 13 at 10:55
If you check the documentation, you'll see recv supports non-blocking operation –  goncalopp Jan 13 at 10:58

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