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I tried to serialize a LinearGradientBrush (System.Windows.Media.LinearGradientBrush) with but without success:

var lg = new LinearGradientBrush();
lg.StartPoint = new Point(2,3);
lg.EndPoint = new Point(3.1,0);
lg.GradientStops = new GradientStopCollection(new []{ new GradientStop(Colors.Red, 0),new GradientStop(Colors.White, 1)});

var json = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(lg);

This code will output a string containing "System.Windows.Media.LinearGradientBrush" that is obviously wrong.

I tried with xml serialization and it works as expected:

var sb = new StringBuilder();
var writer = XmlWriter.Create(sb, new XmlWriterSettings(){ Indent=true});
var ser = new XmlSerializer(lg.GetType(), new []{ typeof(System.Windows.Media.MatrixTransform)});
var xml = sb.ToString();

Why the json serializer fails to serialize a LinearGradientBrush?

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Why are you trying to serialize to whole LinearGradientBrush class. If I were you, I'd write a class called SerializableLinearGradientBrush (or something like that) that will contain only the data I need (color, and points) –  Mario Stoilov Jan 13 '14 at 11:09

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The library Json.NET has some problems while trying to serialize complex objects such as an array, a LinearGradientBrush object or an object with an advanced structure, like a Dictionary or something like that (in the case of a LinearGradientBrush, there's a GradientStopCollection data structure that could be the cause of your problem).

Try to serialize your object, in a more controlled way, as suggested in the documentation.

If this doesn't help, maybe it's the case to create a custom converter for your object, as suggested here, and use it while invoking the method SerializeObject() for the serialization of your object.

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