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I am building a new app based on multiple databases with many tables which don't follow any Cake conventions. I want to use CakePHP but I'm not sure if it's possible without the database in a Cake format.

Problems include:

  • Tables not named as Cake expects
  • Primary keys are not necessarily named id (e.g. it might be order_id)
  • Foreign keys are not necessarily named like other_table_id

Changing the database tables is not an option.

Is it possible to manually configure the schema in each model so that Cake will then know how the model relationships need to work? Or should I just give up on using Cake?

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Don't give dude @XuDing is absolutely right – Anubhav Jan 14 '14 at 8:17
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yes. you can still use CakePHP in your case. Check out various Model attributes to fit your needs

e.g. public $useTable = 'exmp' can be used to configure what table to use.

public $primaryKey = 'example_id'; can be used to configure the primary key's name

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**Try this code sample............**
More detail here

class Example extends AppModel {

// Name of the model. If you do not specify it in your model file it will be set to the class name by constructor.
    public $name = 'Example';
// table name example
    public $useTable = example;
// example_id is the field name in the database
    public $primaryKey = 'example_id';

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