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Hope someone can advise,

I would like to be able to use google map API to find all Zip codes/cities with x Miles of a point.

Has anyone done such a thing with google map or maybe some other type of service.

Would love to know if so how you have achieved it !

Thank you if you can advise.

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There's nothing in the Google Maps API that can help with that, and I've never heard of any such service that could be mashed up with a Google Map.

What you could do is obtain a list of the locations of all the zip codes. Do a web search for [free zip code database] there are lots of them out there. Put it on your server then write your own server script to search it.

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-1 Apparently there is: freemaptools.com/find-zip-codes-inside-radius.htm - Does exactly that. –  x3ro May 30 '12 at 14:39
This answer was correct at the time of writing. Version info of 'Find ZIP Codes Inside a Radius' shows Version 1 (10/02/2010) - Initial Version and that is Februar 2010. –  Anto Jurković Jan 30 '14 at 14:19

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