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I have a UIBarButton in a Navigation Bar (the VC is embedded within a Navigation Controller). In IB I set the button with an Identifier:

Bar Button in Navigation Bar Attributes Inspector

How do I set this Attribute from code?

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You should be able to set it like

UIBarButtonItem *trashButtonItem = [[UIBarButtonItem alloc] initWithBarButtonSystemItem:UIBarButtonSystemItemTrash target:self action:nil];

Check out the Apple Documentation for this here

Unfortunately, Apple only allow you to set this when you initialize the UIBarButtonItem there isn't a property to set this.

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So it means I have to create a new button every time? I read the documentation and it seemed weird there's no Property or a setIdentifier:ForState method... –  Ohad Regev Jan 13 at 12:25
Yeah, unfortunately there isn't a property you can just set you have to do it when you alloc init. Annoying but that's just the way Apple like - annoying. –  Popeye Jan 13 at 12:27

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