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EDIT: I realised I could just use a rectangle as an argument in blit. Feel a bit silly - turned out the solution was right under my nose. Anyway, might as well leave this post here in case someone figures out how to do something like this anyway.

I am writing a game, and as the player loses some of his lives, I want to have a heart picture/sprite/surface indicating remaining health. I am trying to use pygame.transform.chop in order to obtain the section of the empty heart, and blit this onto the screen in the same position after I blit the full heart.

This example is what it should look like when I have 2 lives left and originally had 3 lives. http://i.imgur.com/F3C8XRN.png

class LivesSprite():

def __init__(self):

    self.Image0 = pygame.image.load("Heart0B.png") #this is the empty heart

    self.BottomPart = pygame.image.load("Heart1B.png") #this is the one which is the full heart

    self.Position = (750,450)

    self.TopPart = pygame.image.load("EmptyImage0A.png") #this is a transparent png for when character has not been hurt

    self.TopPartRectangle = pygame.rect.Rect(750,450,0,0) 

def update(self,LivesLeft,LivesMax): 

    self.TopPartRectangle = pygame.rect.Rect(750,450,30,30*(LivesMax-LivesLeft)/float(LivesMax))

    self.TopPart = pygame.transform.chop(self.Image0,self.TopPartRectangle)

In my GAME class, I then blit the full heart onto the screen, and blit the surface we receive from self.TopPart



If it is at all relevant, I established the LivesSprite object as follows in GAME; self.Life = LiveSprite()

Anway, I have tried lots of ways to do this, and looked at the pots in stackoverflow and even gone to YouTube to try to figure it out, but the code above is the best I could achieve, which makes the following picture (the empty heart with lots of black to the right); http://i.imgur.com/gsZc7vB.png

Note that the images are 30 by 30 pixels.

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So yeah solved it. K. –  user3011212 Jan 13 at 13:02

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