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I'm trying to create zip files using CakePhp 1.3. The file descriptions are stored in database. In my controller I'm using the following logic.

   // Fetching File description form database.     
   $this->view = 'Media';
   $condition = "Document.isdeleted = '0' AND Document.project_id='".  $project_id."'";
   $projectDocumentList = $this->Document->find("all",array('conditions'=>$condition,'fields'=>array('','Document.document_name','Document.path'),'order' => array(' ASC')));
   $fileNames = "";
   $fileNamesArr = array();
    foreach($projectDocumentList as $projectDocument){     
     $fileNamesArr[ ]= $projectDocument['Document']['document_name'];

   // Making zip
   $file_path= "my_file_path";// Here I'm using my server basepath

   $zip = new ZipArchive();   
   if ($zip->open($archive_file_name, ZIPARCHIVE::CREATE )!==TRUE) {
    exit("cannot open <$archive_file_name>\n");

   foreach($fileNamesArr as $files)
   //echo $file_path.$files."<br>"; // This can show the file in browser

   header("Content-type: application/zip");
   header("Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=$archive_file_name");
   header("Pragma: no-cache");
   header("Expires: 0");

Now the zip file download as, but when I'm going to open that file, it throws an error "The archive is either in unknown format or damaged". Any help will be appreciated.


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$archive_file_name should not just be filename but instead it should be complete relative path to that file. – Rikesh Jan 13 '14 at 12:50

Create Zip File of whole folder

// Get real path for our folder
$rootPath = realpath('folder-to-zip');

// Initialize archive object
$zip = new ZipArchive();
$zip->open('', ZipArchive::CREATE | ZipArchive::OVERWRITE);

// Create recursive directory iterator
/** @var SplFileInfo[] $files */
$files = new RecursiveIteratorIterator(
    new RecursiveDirectoryIterator($rootPath),

foreach ($files as $name => $file)
    // Skip directories (they would be added automatically)
    if (!$file->isDir())
        // Get real and relative path for current file
        $filePath = $file->getRealPath();
        $relativePath = substr($filePath, strlen($rootPath) + 1);

        // Add current file to archive
        $zip->addFile($filePath, $relativePath);

// Zip archive will be created only after closing object

And than pass the path of the zip file to the view.

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