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I want to show some number on gauge data label like this:
gauge with user select number

I try to use category and formatter option in yAxis like this but faild!

categories: ['0','3','7','14'],  


labels: {
    formatter: function() {
        if(this.value == '0' ||this.value == '3' ||this.value == '7' ||this.value == '14') 
            return this.value;

What is wrong with this method? also any other solution will be appreciated .
Here is a fiddle i am going to work on.

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Please check the below fiddle. jsfiddle.net/gh/get/jquery/1.9.1/highslide-software/… –  A Paul Jan 13 at 14:01
@APaul Those numbers are automatically generated. but i want some specific numbers to show. –  osyan Jan 13 at 14:04

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Finally i solved this. here is what i add to yAxis :

  labels: {
      distance: 20,
      formatter: function() {
          if(this.value == '0' ||this.value == '3' ||this.value == '7' ||this.value == '14') 
              return this.value;
  tickInterval: 1,

Here is the Fiddle

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Intersting that you had to specify the minorTickLength. Good spot. –  SteveP Jan 14 at 8:56
@SteveP YaH :) i had to read documentation and yes that was there however it didn't mention it or any fiddle about that. –  osyan Jan 14 at 10:02

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