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I have these directories as well:

  • branches
  • tags
  • trunk

Trunk contains:

  • common.txt Content is: 'trunk'
  • trunkFile.txt

Also i have two branches - A(from trunk), B(from trunk)

Branch A modifications:

  (+) A'
- add aFile.txt

Branch B modifications:

  (+) B'
- add bFile.txt

All, what i need is create one more brunch (AB), whitch would be contain all changes from branch A, and from branch B. I mean:

Branch AB contains:

- common.txt:
- trunkFile
- aFile
- bFile

What i done: I created a new branch AB from trunk. Then make merge (merge two different trees) on AB, in FROM i selected branch A, in TO i selected branch B.

The result was bad:

  • strange conflict in common.txt. But it's not so bad, as the next point, because the conflict can be resolve..
  • tree conflict on aFile. Tortoise said, that this file was removed (!) and at the result this file wasn't in resulting branch AB..

You may say, that i was wrong to choose Merge two diferent trees, that this tast is for Merge a range of revisions. But if it's so, how can i use Merge two different trees, except of using as reintegration a branch to trunk. Thnks!

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From my point of view reintegrate branch A and B in trunk and then make a new branch form trunk would be the cleanest way. You can't go this way? – Micha Jan 14 '14 at 6:35
Maybe, I'am not sure.. The task for me is to tell about tortoise tree merge (merge two different trees) on this example: We have 4 branches from trunk (A, B, C, D). How to make one brunch ABD from branches A, B, D. How to make a new branch from ABD, and then aplly to it all changes from branch C. What happens with mergeinfo during all this operations. – user3190524 Jan 14 '14 at 6:52

This can be achieved in 2 ways

First one merge branch A with trunk (reintegrate a branch) and then merge branch B with trunk and then create a branch AB from Trunk


Assuming that you have already created a branch AB without merging branch A and branch B to trunk. Merge branch A to branch AB using Merge two different trees option and in the From URL you should be specify branch AB URL and on To URL you should specify branch A URL and then merge branch B to branch AB using Merge two different trees option and in the From URL you should be specify branch AB URL and on To URL you should specify branch B URL

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Yes, i need to do this operations, without reintegrating A and B to the trunk! Let's see the second way, you described. I have done what you said, but when i was merging B to AB, tortoise desided, that aFile(from A to AB merge) need to be deleted! And the result of B to AB merging was, that bFile exist in AB, but aFile was deleted.. – user3190524 Jan 14 '14 at 12:53

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