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I have the a problem with a memory leak when using a View with a SearchBar Controller. When i skip back to the previos page (also without searching) i recieve a leak in instruments:

UIView 1 0xdc68510 96 Bytes UIKit -[UITableView setTableHeaderBackgroundColor:]

CALayer 1 0xdc68570 48 Bytes UIKit -[UIView _createLayerWithFrame:]

NSMutableArray 1 0xdc7b230 32 Bytes UIKit __27-[UIView _constraintsArray]_block_invoke

Malloc 144 Bytes 1 0x13b28160 144 Bytes QuartzCore mem_alloc CGColor 1 0xdc685a0 48 Bytes CoreGraphics CGTypeCreateInstance

Malloc 8 Bytes 1 0xdac4fe8 8 Bytes QuartzCore mem_alloc

Malloc 16 Bytes 1 0x122fef50 16 Bytes QuartzCore mem_alloc

When i use a simple search bar instead, everything is ok...

I tried it with simulator and device, development and release. Allways the same result...

I can reprocuce the leak when i embed this sample of Tuturial Ray Wenderlich in a ViewController, that pushes the sample by a button.

TIA for any idea!

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