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I just installed Kamailio in one server and Asterisk in another. Asterisk loads it sipusers info from database which is in Kamailio server.

I don't know how to go further. How can I authenticate Asterisk users through Kamailio. I am trying to authenticate using a sipphone. But no luck.

I am missing alot here. I know we can add users using the following command

kamctl add username password

But I already have users in asterisk realtime db. Is there any difference? Awaiting your reply,

Thanks in advance,

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It is very hard to answer this question correctly.

For anderstand answer you need read info about how sip works and how authentificate in openser/kamailio/opensips work.

Most valuable probably will be kamailio turtorials page

But also you have read sip RFC and general info about asterisk(for example ORelly's "Asterisk the Future of telephony book"

There are no way give you more correct answer, becuase you not specify what exactly you want to get.

For general load balancing setup you need authentificate user on kamailio(user have kamailio ip in UA's) after that forward call to asterisk.

For use kamailio as main point(trunk) for multiple asterisk you need create authorization for your asterisk box and put that info in both kamailio(usualy subscribers table) and asterisk.

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Hey, Thanks for your comment. I can authorize sip accounts in asterisk now. Do I need to add the same sip user and it secret key in Kamailio database? And after that what should I do with Kamailio? I had been following Kamailio's tutorials section for a while but can't work it out. –  Kasinath Kottukkal Jan 14 '14 at 5:25
That depend of what exactly you need get. Kamailio REQUIRE understanding of SIP one EXPERT level –  arheops Jan 14 '14 at 5:40
I setup Kamailio following this article. >> kb.asipto.com/…. I added couple of user in Kamailio and I can see them in subscriber database. But if I try to configure it in Zoiper(softphone) it is not able to authenticate.: 401 Unauthorized. –  Kasinath Kottukkal Jan 14 '14 at 7:42
You need also support in kamailio.conf –  arheops Jan 14 '14 at 16:20

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