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Using Rails 2.3.*

Say I have a method called some_method() in two rake files - A.rake and B.rake. I'm finding that if I call some_method() in B.rake, the method in A.rake is what actually gets called.

So what's the best approach to defining helpers methods inside rake files that will be "local" to the rake task defined in that file?


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Example code would help... –  Yule Jan 13 at 16:11

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You can define your helper within a task to make it available to that task and all subsequent ones:

desc 'has access to local helper'
task :accessible do
  def helper
    return "the helper"

  puts "I have access to #{helper}"

desc 'has access too'
task 'after-accessible' => ['accessible'] do
  puts "this ran after 'accessible' but still has access to '#{helper}"

desc 'does not have access to the helper'
task :outside do
  puts helper # fails if runs before :accessible

Perhaps the best thing to do though is to refactor your Rakefiles and the helper code so that the two Rakefiles do not load each other.

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Thanks very much - this works for me for now. –  dublxdad Jan 13 at 17:59

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