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At first i would like to say that i have looked for this question and i know possible duplicate of

Why do I get “unable to download” at the end of a wireless iOS app distribution? [closed]

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Ad-hoc distribution fail

i have tried all of the suggestions but nothing worked for me. checked if the correct code signing is set. also the right provisioning profile is set.

i am using xcode 5 for an ios 7 app. i also tried BETA BUILDER. i'm getting the message that the app is unable to load but i see the example icon of ios7 on the home-screen.

now i have 2 questions: on some sites i have read that this ad-hoc is possible without UDID registration but on some other that i have to register the UDID. what is correct?

and if it's not necessary to register the UDID, why my app isn't installing.

thx Stone

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You need to have an Enterprise account to enable wireless distribution to devices for which you haven't registered their UDID in your ad-hoc provisioning profile. –  Abizern Jan 13 '14 at 16:00

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