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So check out my example, check out what happens before I explain


        // options
        itemSelector : '.element',
        transitionDuration: 0,
        transformsEnabled: false,
        masonry: {
            columnWidth: '.grid-sizer'

Here's my problem. I have pieces of content, that I want to layout horizontally. There is no way to do that in CSS without using floats or inline block. Floats doesn't work responsively (and still wouldn't work for other reasons), and inline block doesn't work because if you start a 2nd row and there are height differences with the content, the "rows" will be respected rather than tiling them together.


You see how the 4th element doesn't get pushed up? That's normal functionality. All I want is a version of inline-block that tiles intelligently.

To my knowledge the masonry libraries are the only thing that comes close to doing this, the only problem is is that they come with the kitchen and the sink. Salvatorre actually exactly acccomplishes what I want, but it doesn't support IE8. Isotope does want I want but the lag is unsightly and unacceptable.

Is there a solution of accomplishing what I want (glorified inline-block I'm calling it) using any jQuery library or any solution really? I can elaborate, just let me know what details I need to have.

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