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I have a strange problem with my network connection; the ISP doesn't know how to fix it / blames me.

The problem:

My ISP provides me with an internet connection with an single public IP through rj-45 cable. When i connect the cable to my computers network card, it gets the IP via DHCP without a problem, and I have internet connection.

However, when I connect the internet cable to a router, it either doesn't see the signal at all (the wan port light is off), or sees the signal, but can't get IP, or gets an IP but still no internet (can't even ping the gateway, it probably get the signal for long enough to ask for an IP, then loses it again). I do manage to get connection from time to time (record is one week without a single connection drop), sometimes it works 15 minutes, and is down for another 15 minutes, sometimes i can't get internet signal for days.

I tried two different routers, one of them worked fine with a different internet provider for around 10 years (WRT54GL). Both have exactly the same issue with current ISP.

The question:

Is there a possibility, that the problem lies with the ISP, and there is a valid technical explenation (possibility) that a PC Network card sees the signal fine, while routers don't?

I found some hint on a technical forum, that it is possible (something to do with cabling/wall sockets/ports) that the signal is good enough for a network card, but not good enough for a router. It was a brief answer from long ago, so I can't really suggest it to the ISP - they are adamant that when a computer ethernet card get's signal, it's impossible for router not to.

Thanks in advance!

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networking is no my strongest side, but I think that could be good new router or upgrade the firmware –  jcho360 Jan 13 at 16:34
Thanks, I tried two routers however (one older Linksys WRT54GL, one recently bought TP-LINK WDR3500), also tested both with newest original firmware, and 3rd party firmwares (tomato for WRT, gargoyle for WDR). I'm 100% confident that the routers aren't the issue. –  Looted Jan 13 at 16:41

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Problem resolved. For anyone interested, it's entirely possible that the pc network card sees the signal, while router doesn't: the issue was the wall rj-45 socket - the cables weren't properly connected, network card didn't mind, but the router did.

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