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I keep getting an error when I try to extend the Exception class and can't figure out why. Here is the code for my custom exception:

class MyException extends Exception {
  String msg;
  String toString() => 'FooException: $msg';

The error resolves around the constructor. It complains that "The generative constructor 'Exception([dynamic message]) -> Exception' expected, but factory found". How do I fix this?

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You cannot extend a class defining just a factory constructor. stackoverflow.com/questions/18564676/… –  user7610 Jan 31 '14 at 14:08

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You have it almost right. You need to implement Exception rather than extend it. This should work:

class MyException implements Exception {
  final String msg;
  const MyException(this.msg);
  String toString() => 'FooException: $msg';

You don't have to make msg final or the constructor const, but you can. Here is an example of an implementation of the Exception class (from the dart:core library):

class FormatException implements Exception {
   * A message describing the format error.
  final String message;

   * Creates a new FormatException with an optional error [message].
  const FormatException([this.message = ""]);

  String toString() => "FormatException: $message";
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