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I have a fragment added statically from XML I want to replace this fragment by another fragment, I did that by adding this code:

        CFragment singleStationFragment = new CFragment();
        android.support.v4.app.FragmentTransaction transaction = getChildFragmentManager().beginTransaction();
        transaction.replace(R.id.layoutlist, singleStationFragment);

the problem is that when I press the back button the first fragment is not shown because it was not added through a transaction and the manager doesn't know about it, is there a way I could add the first fragment (ALREADY ADDED FROM XML), to my backstack or I could just show it when I click back instead of exiting the app ? Thanks !

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As far as I'm aware you will have to add your first fragment to the activity in code rather than in the layout file. Do this with the add method of FragmentTransaction

transaction.add(R.id.FragmentContainer, fragment);
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Sorry that didn''t work, I will try other solutions and update my post. Thanks and sorry for the late reply –  Mouna Kam Jan 16 at 12:26

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