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I'm looking for behavior similar to inserting into an already keyed SQL table, where the new rows added are inserted into existing keys. For example, in this case:

dt <- data.table(a=1:10)
setkey(dt, a)
# [1,] dt     10 1  a    a  
dt.2 <- rbindlist(list(dt, data.table(a=1:5)))
# [1,] dt     10 1  a    a  
# [2,] dt.2   15 1  a      

i would like to have the option of having dt.2 "inherit" the key (updated with the incremental data, obviously) from dt, instead of having no key as actually happened.

I was at first a bit surprised at the loss of the key in the first place, but that is clearly the documented behavior.

Is there a clean way of doing this without calling setkey after each rbind/rbindlist?

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the result of your rbind is unsorted, so you can't avoid calling setkey (had it been sorted you could shave off potentially a lot of time by setting the "sorted" attribute directly) –  eddi Jan 13 at 17:31
@eddi, understood, this is mostly a syntactic question. It seems providing the option for the re-creating of they key from within the rbind/rbindlist would be reasonable given this is the default SQL behavior. Aside: I'm assuming that if dt is very large and sorted, setkey will take advantage of that when creating the dt.2 key, if not then there is definitely more than just a syntax issue here. –  BrodieG Jan 13 at 17:36
I guess a slightly different way of phrasing my last point, the result of by rbind is only partially unsorted, the first portion (in my use case, the large one) should already be sorted as per original key. –  BrodieG Jan 13 at 17:38
Setting a key in a data table is not the same as creating an index in a database table. See this question. –  jlhoward Jan 13 at 20:08

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Essentially, data.table doesn't currently support row insert at all, let alone into a keyed table. rbind creates a new data.table so isn't fast or memory efficient.

A similar question is here :

How to delete a row by reference in R data.table?

Currently, the typical workflow is to load files from disk using fread and rbindlist them together, or load data from a database using RODBC or similar.

We'd like to add fast row insert, but it isn't done yet.

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is there a road map for data.table someplace? I looked but didn't see one. –  BrodieG Jan 13 at 20:27
@BrodieG The closest to a public road map is the feature request list which is ordered by 5 levels of priority (5 is top). –  Matt Dowle Jan 13 at 23:56

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